A Natural Approach to Women's Health and Fertility in Brighton

Fertility, gynae and stress related health issues?

In a world of ever increasing pressure, more people suffer from stress related health issues and more couples face challenges when they decide to have babies. Over the past twenty years, fertility problems have significantly increased. One in six couples now struggle to conceive and a quarter of all pregnancies can end in a miscarriage. The figures could be even higher considering that many of these cases do not seek help and are unknown to statistics.


An increasing number of women have found that natural and holistic therapies can help to treat and manage their gynaecological problems, to reduce their stress, to heal from past trauma and to prepare for conception. These therapies are used either alone or often combined with Western medicine to enhance health, increase fertility and maximize the chance for a successful pregnancy.


Many of the factors involved in your health and fertility are within your control. You can take actions to improve your health and conceive!

Common issues treated:
  • Fertility problems, miscarriages

  • Supporting Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART) - IVF, IUI, egg or sperm donor

  • Menstrual – pain, heavy, no ovulation, irregular, absent

  • Fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, PMT

  • Digestive – IBS, constipation, bloating

  • Emotional trauma

  • Stress and tension

  • Maintaining general health and mind-body balance

You are Shakti:

The Sanscrit word Shakti means power, force and feminine energy. Shakti is the Hindu Mother Goddess whose dance brings forth creation and transformation – from physical to mental and spiritual. She is the source of all, the powerful cosmic energy that manifests through female embodiment, creativity and fertility, present in all beings, men and women.

Shakti Holistics is here to support women in re-discovering their inner power and using this powerful energy to heal and create positive experiences in their health and fertility journey. Recognize and honour your Shakti, your Divine Feminine Energy!