The Fertility Holistic Therapy is for you if...
  • You have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility

  • You are going through IVF, IUI, ICSI, and want to boost your chance of success

  • You have been trying for a baby but you have not yet conceived

  • You know the cause as to why you are not conceiving and want support in treating it

  • You have been told your eggs’ quality is too poor to get pregnant naturally

  • You are thinking about getting pregnant and want to prepare first to maximise your pregnancy success

  • You are willing to spend a few months working on improving your health


If any of these scenarios applies to you we can help you! Call now to find out how 07824 388116

Costs of the Fertility Holistic Therapy

The costs will vary depending on how many therapy sessions and consultations need to be added into your plan. Bear in mind that by signing up to our Fertility Holistic Plan all the therapies added to your plan will be offered at a discounted fee, up to 20% off! Instead of the full fees published on this website.

To find out more about the discounted fees please contact us. The reason you receive a discount is because you will be committed to the plan for a minimum of three months and pay in advance.

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I offer the Fertility Holistic Therapy in Brighton and Peacehaven. Contact me if you wish to find out if this therapy is for you on 07824 388116 or by email

3-Step Programme


The Fertility Holistic Therapy is a step-by-step programme based on three main actions:


1. Assessment of your medical health, life style and nutrition


Before your first appointment you will be advised whether to do some basic tests before you come for your first visit. You will receive a pre-appointment questionnaire and food diary to complete and return before your consultation day. During your consultation we will discuss the tests' results, go through your medical circumstances, your life style, your diet and your emotional wellbeing. This will allow us to assess whether you need further tests and will enable us to put together an action plan to deal with your specific issues.


2. Further testing


In some cases it might be necessary to do further tests in order to find out why you have not conceived yet or to ensure you are healthy and fertile before you start trying or go for an IVF cycle. While undergoing further tests you can already follow the holistic plan that we would have created for you.


3. Personalized Holistic Therapy


We will put together a plan completely tailored to your needs, your aims and the areas in your life that need addressing. The therapies included in your plan will depend on the help you need. It will include Fertility Massage as the core therapy and could incorporate other components such as fertility awareness, BBT charting, advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes, other massage therapies, Womb Yoga, self-abdominal massage, emotional support and meditation.  You will also be given tasks to do at home like a regular short yoga sequence and self-care massage that we will teach you. Your holistic plan is flexible and we can make changes based on how you will be getting on with it and on improvements noticed.

Length of the Fertility Holistic Therapy

The minimum length and commitment to the programme is three months. This is because it takes 90 days for an egg to mature and reach ovulation, so it takes 90 days of dedication and actions to positively impact on the health of your eggs.

Many decide to continue for another three months to see more improvements in their health before trying. Whether you will be on the plan for three months or longer it depends completely on your personal situation and your health conditions.

Fertility Holistic Therapy


The Fertility Holistic Therapy is a natural and holistic programme designed to support and enhance your health prior to conception. Preparation is key if you wish for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! 

For 90 days you will focus on your general health, listen to your body, you will change your lifestyle habits, develop a positive mind, connect with your inner self and boost your reproductive health. All through a natural and holistic approach that treats the whole of you.

A natural and holistic approach for your fertility treatment - in Brighton